I had been toying with the idea of exploring a two bass format for some time when the opportunity presented itself to do a one-off Colin and Lorenzoexperimental gig with Italian bassist and composer Lorenzo Feliciati in early 2013, so it was too good a chance to miss. 

I didn't expect that it would lead to anything other than one evening trying the idea out in a low pressure gig situation, but happily that wasn't the end of it.

We had both enjoyed playing together and on further reflection, both had a selection of musical ideas that seemed ripe for exploration.

So, Lorenzo and I continued working on the Twinscapes album over the course of 2013, first building a set of structures during sessions at Yellowfish Studio in the South East UK and then refining the pieces at our own facilities.Colin and Lorenzo

I have found it to be a very inspiring collaboration, since we share enough common influences to make it work, but enough differences to be able to bring fresh perspectives to each others ideas. 

We have also been very fortunate to have guest contributions from some great musicians: Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet, Andi Pupato on a variety of percussion, David Jackson on saxophones and drummer Roberto Gualdi.

The finished albun has been mixed by bassist and producer Bill Laswell and is due for release on CD and Vinyl in February 2014 Twinscapes Album Coverthrough Rarenoise.

Live performances are set to follow.

I am also happy to have found a home for one of my favourite photographs which has been found most fitting to use as the album cover image.