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GEOFF LEIGH- Soprano Saxophone, Flutes, Zither, Keyboards, Bells, Shakers and electronics.

Self-proclaimed 'unemployed ex-underground cult hero', Geoff Leigh first achieved recognition in the early seventies as a member of the legendary Henry Cow, he has spent the last decade exploring more folk and jazz roots, playing with a variety of North African musicians including Hassan Erraji, Hamsi Boubaker and Jalil el Afra. His career has sprawled across many different genres and styles from art rock and performance art to free jazz, soul etc. He brings a wealth of experience and a sharp jolt of spontaneity to the Ex- Wise-Heads sound. Most recently he has played dates in the UK and Europe with the legendary krautrock band Faust.

ColinCOLIN EDWIN - Fretted and Fretless and Acoustic Basses, Guimbri, Guitar, Saz, Keyboards, Programming.

Perhaps best known as the bassist with the critically acclaimed band Porcupine Tree for the last decade or so, Colin shows himself in a different light with Ex-Wise-Heads. Always keen to experiment, numerous trips to North African countries over the years fired his interest in ethnic sounds and instrumentation. He describes Ex Wise heads as "a channel for some of my non-rock influences and use of experimental sounds"

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IAN DIXON - Trumpet

IanBest known for his work as a trumpet player and composer on the global electronica scene, Ian Dixon has performed and recorded in musical settings as diverse as jazz, electronica and contemporary classical, with performers including Ute, Kumo, Ape, Guru, Kenny Garrett, Musiikki-Oy, Blow, Night Z, Ramjac, DJ Blame, Dub Pistols and Irmin Schmidt (Can), and most recently, solo with trumpet and laptop as "TPT". A fascination with the world of sound and enthusiasm for cross-discipline collaborations has led to work in film and television, with visual artists, choreographers and in digital media.

RICK EDWARDS - Percussion

RickRick Edwards has played percussion for many years, performing and recording with the likes of Hossam Ramsay, Porcupine Tree, The Guitar Orchestra and No-Man, amongst others. His sensitive and intricate playing perfectly complements the new Ex-Wise Heads material and brings a wide pallette sounds to the mix, including congas, berimbow, bongos, shakers, talking drums, darabukas, gourds and cymbals.


Rajan SpoliaRajan's guitar playing effortlessly incorporates elements of Indian classical music and has drawn praise from such luminaries as Martin Taylor, Gordon Giltrap, Eric Roche, and Indo-jazz pioneer John Mayer. He has released his own series of albums and performed nationally and internationally in various world class guitar line ups including the Kirkmichael Guitar festival, Bath Guitar Festival, Royal Festival Hall in London, and WOMAD. On an instrument as widely played as the guitar, Rajan brings a unique and original “voice” to the Ex-Wise Heads material.





















Ex Wise Heads first came together in early 1997 through a chance meeting in Brighton's renowned emporium of ethnic instrumentation, Adaptatrap. Geoff Leigh and Colin Edwin first started composing and playing together as a duo, complemented at times by various machines. It was with the looming deadline of their debut performance that a mutual decision was taken to recruit a live percussionist. Enter multi percussionist Julian Franks, who joined just in time to learn the as yet untested material, and play the first gig at the Lewes Literary Festival.

After several more gigs to develop their sound and get musically aquainted, the trio recorded an album's worth of material in the primitive conditions of Geoff's basement. The sessions for the album 'Everything is Hear' were recently released by online CDR label www.burningshed.com.

During the recording, it became obvious that Julian did not fit in with the Ex-Wise-Heads philosophically and musically, so a capable replacement was found in the shape of Vincent Salzfaas. Geoff and Colin, whilst searching for another percussionist, literally bumped into Vincent in Adaptatrap.

The revitalised trio immediately started recording their debut album 'No Grey Matter' which was released in September 2000 on the Hidden Art label. Some of the compositions from the unreleased 'Everything is Hear' surfaced on this release, although they had changed in mood and form with the different style and instrumentation that Vincent bought to the group, the powerful Bougarabou sound highlighting different aspects of the compositions, when compared to Julian¹s tabla and more middle eastern influences.

In February 2003, Ex Wise Heads released their second album 'Time and Emotion Study' with guest contributions from violinist Peter Knight, best known for his work with legendary folk rockers Steeleye Span. Once again a chance meeting was to blame for the involvement of another musician. This time at a Trevor Watts concert, with whom Peter was performing.

Between 2000 and 2005, Ex-Wise Heads performed at various venues in and around South East UK, as well as the Bracknell Festival, Brighton Peace Festival and Hastings Arts Festival. Their last concert together was a benefit for the Asian tsunami in Febraury 2005 at St Mary's Arts Centre Hastings.

Ex Wise Heads now continue for the time being as a studio project with the original duo of Colin and Geoff supplemented by various guest musicians. The latest release "Liquid Assets" is their fourth album proper, a bold and accesible blend of electronica and globally inspired sounds. Despite the continuing studio focus, Ex-Wise Heads have not ruled out the possiblity of future live performances....

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